Saturday, September 26, 2015

Capital Investment Opportunity:


 Landowner Selling Active Wind Turbine Rights To Potential Buyers!

There is a landowner in Texas (USA) that owns 53,000 acres of land.  He also owns all the mineral rights, oil and natural gas rights, and wind energy rights.  He says that there is more oil per square foot in Texas than what Saudi Arabia has in the Middle East.  This may be also a good fit for foreign investment located outside of the USA as well.  The US is still the number one safe haven for business opportunities worldwide. 

The landowner also has just signed another agreement with Sun Edison to build two more wind farms on his property.  Please advise if interested. 

EHS Energy is a management firm that deals with the full impact of wind energy projects related to land lease agreements and financial issues worldwide.

Update: The wind energy royalty rights sector is still a maturing market.  We have many new capital investors that have entered this sector offering fair market buyout opportunities to the seller and are largely interested in solar and wind farm royalties

I am also looking for sellers located in the UK and abroad.

Visit for more information, or please contact EHS Energy at 260-582-9046, or email ( 


Rod Eagleson, Pres.
EHS Energy
1413 Garden St.
Kendallville, IN 46755

We Sell Active Wind Turbine Rights to a Third Party Investor!

    • This is where the seller meets the buyer.
    • Find out how much your wind energy rights are worth in today's market to many potential investors.
    • Attain fair market value by seeking the highest offer.
    • Lump sum payment to seller is paid 100% in cash within 30/45 days.
    • There is NO obligation to sell!  All deals are confidential.





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