Saturday, October 5, 2013

Capitalize on the value of your wind turbine lease.
A new industry trend is that there are companies offering wind lease buyouts.
Selling wind leases to Third Parties offering lump sum payment.
Why Landowners Sell Their Wind Turbine Lease?
By converting your lease to a lump sum payment you maintain ownership and the right to sell your property at any time but also eliminate the risk that your lease may be cancelled or your rent decreased due to any number of factors.
Freedom of investment and elimination of day-to-day site management hassles are also major benefits of converting your lease into a lump sum. A transaction can also create an opportunity for favorable tax treatment and quick cash. 
Normal exchange offer for a wind lease buyout include the following:
  • Lump sum payment is paid 100% in cash within usually 30 days.
  • All legal and closing costs are paid by the buyer.

To entertain an offer the seller must provide:
  • Copy of lease
  • History of lease payments
This is what a landowner could do prior to selling their land.  Sell the value of the leases first then the land and other assets.
If this interests you, contact R Eagleson at 260-582-9046 or email:


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